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The Puppet Maker's Bones


An angel of Death in Los Angeles.

A sociopath kills a young boy, a quiet teen, and then an entire family before turning his attention upon Pavel Trusnik, an elderly shut-in from across the street. Loneliness can drive a normal man to madness, and Pavel Trusnik is not a normal man. After committing a crime that leaves him shunned and isolated, Pavel has only the fading memories of his tragically flawed life, and his one great love. When the violent sociopath sets his murderous desires upon Pavel, only an ancient order that knows Pavel's secrets can intervene. But for the isolated old man, the vicious intruder is the only company he has had in decades...

Do not miss this book. The discovery of a new and unique character that sticks with you days and weeks after you're done reading is what it's all about.

Rachelle Bronson, The Novel Blog


Another example of indie done right.

Papyrus Independent Author Reviews


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